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Case Study: The Go Green Home

Case Study Finish Plumbing

In drought-prone Southern California, being water-wise is of critical importance. We are implementing several methods of water conservation in our The Go Green Home, from high efficiency fixtures to drip irrigation with greywater. The home features Toto's dual flush and high efficiency toilets that have a gpf well below the industry standard. All of the used water from the sinks, showers, and the washing machine will be filtered on site with a BRAC greywater system. This will minimize the home's impact on the city's infrastrucutre by reducing the demand for heavy water filtering and for additional potable water required for landscaping.The home also features tankless water heaters which conserve both energy and water. With tankless heaters water is piped through a heating coil and delivered hot at the tap. When the tap is turned off the heating mechanism shuts off also. Our tankless heaters do not activate until the reservoir of solar-heated water is depleted.

26) Finish Plumbing

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