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Your Home Upgrade

Constructing an Effective Action Plan

Now that you have officially started your search for the right contractor to do your home upgrade, the objective is to layout the steps needed to complete the tasks needed to make your home as energy-efficient, comfortable, and safe as possible. 


By reading ahead, you will

     - become familiar with our process of a home energy upgrade,

     - learn what the test numbers mean,

     - be able to make an effective action plan for your home.


Our process starts with a meeting between you and our contractor at your house, which helps to understand who you are and what you'd like for your home. This meeting generally points out the obvious problem areas in your home upon a visual walk through with our contractor. Great comments and questions to tell the contractor in this phase are things like, "I'm paying way too much for my energy bills," and "It's too cold during the night but we did the insulation last summer!"


Instead of guessing what's needed to bring your home to your level of comfort, we assess your home by conducting three tests (blower door, duct blaster, CAZ) using advanced measuring tools that allows us to measure the systems in your home at its current state and find the actual causes of the problems in your house.


With the test values, we will present to you a complete report and recommendations of how to bring your home to an upgraded level of efficiency and comfort. The decision of what you do with these recommendations is ultimately up to you. 


If you decide to work with us, we can provide you with complete project managing, construction, and consulting services as you watch your home transform into the high efficiency, durable, and comfortable home you have always wished for.


The process ends with a final round of testing, in which we perform the same tests as before, now in your upgraded home. We will give you your final numbers and figure out how much you'll be saving in energy bills in the future.


If you would like to work with us to bring your idea of a home upgrade to reality, please contact us today!










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