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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Fernando Feldman, Founder

In the tradition of Southern California designers, builders, and craftsmen like Richard Neutra, The Eames, and Sam Maloof, Fernando Feldman has dedicated himself to promulgating green building in the LA area.


Fernando Feldman began his career in construction at the age of 17 as an apprentice carpenter, eventually gaining the skills and resources to establish his first company in the late 1980’s. Sustainable furniture, his primary focus at the time, led him to explore other avenues for sustainable design. Feldman naturally turned to construction.


Feldman founded Go Green Construction in 2006 because he wanted his business to make a positive change in an industry typically full of waste and inefficiency.  “My biggest motivation for starting Go Green Construction was to be able to leave my children with more solutions than problems,” Feldman has said. In addition to his LEED Platinum Go Green Home, his recent projects include a 1300 square foot Green Point Rated new construction, and an 800 square foot energy-efficient addition, bearing testimony to the company’s continued commitment to sustainable construction. In order to pave the way for way for city-wide green building standard, Feldman co-founded the LA Green Homes Committee. He has made it his mission to have his business practices promote a healthier environment for his clients, his workers, and the planet.


Since its inception, Fernando has led his Southern California-based company to design and build more than 30 homes that incorporate green features ranging from eco-friendly finishes to whole house water recycling and smart home systems. With each home, Go Green Construction sets out to design with four main focuses in planning and building, 1) water conservation 2) energy efficiency 3) indoor air quality and 4) responsible materials selection.


For more information about Fernando Feldman, or to speak to him directly about building your dream green home, contact us at

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