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Case Study: The Go Green Home

Case Study Install Cabinets

Quarrying of granite and marble has been hard, dusty work since time immemorial; slabs of stone are sliced from mountainsides and shipped to the sculptor's studio or the gourmet's kitchen. At The Go Green Home we won't disturb Nature for our countertops and tiles; we're using recycled products for both. Caesarstone, poured concrete countertops, and 60% recycled glass tile from Crossville are just a few of the environmentally - responsible materials that adorn the home. The home also features handmade ceramic tiles and leftovers from previous projects. - - -

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are manufactured from FSC-certified plywood and/or particle board which contains no added urea or formaldehyde, making it non-off-gassing. This allows you to cook, eat and store your food products in a clean, healthy environment. The kitchen island features a bamboo butcher block from Teragren made with a formaldehyde-free and food-safe adhesive as a sustainable and durable alternative to traditional butcher block.

20) Install Cabinets - Countertops - Tile

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