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Case Study: The Go Green Home

Case Study Insulation

At The Go Green Home we're using polyurethane closed-cell insulation, a foam sprayed directly onto the home’s interior framing. We're also going to spray a layer of 3-pound closed-cell insulation on the roof; it insulates better than, with half the volume of, traditional fiberglass batting. Spray foam features improved air sealing ability and the flexibility to fill cracks and conform to odd-shaped cavities. It holds its shape over time and under adverse conditions; this rigidity helps strengthen the home’s wall system. Closed-cell foam has a thermal insulation value (R-value) high enough to bring the home to Energy Star standards using only half the thickness of fiber insulations.

By using spray foam we will greatly surpass R-value requirements; less energy is used to heat and cool the house, minimizing the home's impact on the environment. As an added bonus, spray foam insulation promotes healthier living -- it creates a vapor barrier that is mold and mildew resistant. It reduces airborne noise and dust making it the healthy choice for those who suffer from allergies, asthma or chemical sensitivity.

17) Insulation

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