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Case Study: The Go Green Home

Case Study Landscape

The Go Green Home landscape is comprised largely of native California vegetation and drought-resistant Mediterranean plants. We are running drip irrigation lines from our greywater recycling and from our rainwater cistern throughout the landscaped areas. Drip irrigation is a highly efficient application of water directly to a plant's root zone utilizing emitters in lieu of aerial broadcast of water by traditional sprinklers. Maintaining an optimum moisture level in the soil at all times results in less water lost to the sun and the wind. Added bonus: fewer weeds. An excellent source for drought tolerant plants, container plants and more is Monrovia growers - For additional information on Southern California native plants and xeriscaping you can look to the Theodore Payne Foundation -

Paving and Decking
Permeable pavement permits excess water to drain back into the ground. This prevents runoff of rainwater and irrigation water into storm water systems. Permeable pavement can be as low-tech as broken recycled concrete or as high-tech as permeable asphalt; at The Go Green Home we are utilizing several permeable strategies. This helps replenish ground water and reduces ocean pollution. IPE wood is an extremely durable natural material for external use and will cover the decks of The Go Green Home while allowing water to pass through to be captured by the rain cistern. These modular deck tiles made of sustainably harvested wood with a recycled plastic backing and can be found at

​25) Landscape / Hardscape

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