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Certified BPI Building Analyst

Setting the Standards for Energy Efficiency Retrofits

The Building Performance Institute is a nationally recognized organization that dedicates itself to train the best and the brightest in the design/build industry to become energy efficiency experts.


BPI has become a standard for energy efficiency experts. It has a network of partner organizations dedicated to train experts to assist in improving energy efficiency.

Go Green Construction has undergone BPI's intense and rigorous process to become a certified organization, successfully completing the building analyst course. The course includes topics such as energy efficiency, resource conservation, water conservation, and indoor air quality.

In conjunction with this BPI, Go Green Construction has retroffited a number of homes with the Energy Upgrade CA program. including one where Go Green was able to save upwards of $8,000 in rebates and utility bill costs. To learn how, read A Demonstrated Success in Energy Upgrades, Qualified Remodeler.

More information about the Building Performance Institute organization can be found here.



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