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Seeds For Your Garden. Earth Day. Stay Green!


Thank you for visiting us at the Motor Avenue Farmers Market! We appreciate your effort in starting your journey or continuing it as a positive, sustainable human being! Below we have included planting instructions for your seed packet. We hope your seeds grow and become a great addition to your vegetable garden. To learn more about how to be green, follow this link to our Green Tips page.


Happy Earth Day!

Large Red Cherry Tomato


Nothing tastes better than vine ripened tomatoes, especially cherry tomatoes in a salad. Cherry tomato plants are very productive and the fruits develop in clusters. Cherry tomatoes are standard, indeterminate types which means the plants need support.


Planting: Start seeds indoors if late frost is an issue. For best results train plants on stakes or wire cages. 


Care: Thin when plants are 2 inches high. Young plants need regular waterings, mature plants should be soaked deeply about every 10 days. Keep water off of plants to avoid diseases. Mulching helps to keep soil moist. Use low nitrogen fertilizer. 


Harvest: Harvest at the stage of ripeness that most appeals to you. Cut or gently pull fruit from the stem.


Hint: Tomatoes need an even supply of water. Erratic watering will cause blossoms to rot.

Oriental Eggplant


Oriental eggplants are native to tropical Asia and are very popular in Japan, China, India, Thailand and the Philippines. There ar many varieties, the ones we have provided are dark purple and slender. Eggplants are used in many ways for cooking; Tempura and pickling by Japanese, stir-fry and boiling by Chinese, stuffind and baking by Indian and Vietnamese. Oriental eggplants are sweet and delicious, cooked wihtout peeling or salting.


Planting: Plant in late spring or early summer for summer/fall harvest.


Care: Thin when seedlings are 2-4 inches. Keep soil moist. Fertilize with a complete fertilizer during the growing season.


Harvest: Best harvested when 1 inch in diameter.

Thai Basil & Cinnamon Basil


Basil is a popular herb in all types of dishes and cuisines. It is easy to grow and can be started indoors and grown either indoors or outdoors and grows well in containers.


Planting: Basil is an annual that is best planted in spring but in mild climates can be sowed year round. It needs sun, average moisture and well drained soil.


Care: Thin when plants are 2 inches tall. Provide an even supply of water. Mulch regularly. Pinch plants back regularly to encourage side growth and remove flower stalks. 


Harvest: Leaves are best when picked from young stems. Use fresh or dried.

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